Driven by reality

ZPE is an engineering firm that focuses on cost reduction and quality.
For several years, the company has successfully built up an efficient way of working and delivered growth and solutions.
Our strength is our employees, an inclusive environment and perspective.
Our ambition is to create a better society, accelerate both economic growth and sustainability. We help organizations realize this ambition.

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December – the month of joy, happiness and to finish what you started!

Let there be joy, fun and laughter in this ending chapter to brighten up the next.

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Our ambition is to expand and enrich various organizations and industries with the same tools and conditions as the world’s most demanding industry.


ZP Engineering is at the forefront and an inspiration when it comes to sustainable development. We are a team where perspective, cooperation and inclusion play a big role. With us, the door is always open, we have an open-minded atmosphere and promote both professional and personal development!