ZP Engineering

Exciting work environment and a really good team both privately and during working hours, real car and motorsport enthusiasts!

Albin – Embeded Software Engineer for AB Volvo

I believe ZPE is a good workplace for many reasons, including the diversity of employees. Even though, unlike most others at the company, I work more on site with a customer, there is a wonderful community with colleagues at ZPE. On the one hand, there is always the opportunity to work in the office and meet colleagues, otherwise we have some “AW” events. For example, go-karts, travel, and dinners where we can socialize and have fun. ZPE values ​​community and knowledge exchange between colleagues and organizes lots of activities!

ZP Engineering

I am full of enthusiasm to learn new things and like to perform consistently with good results.

Evin – Cost Reduction Engineer for Polestar

My biggest passion in life is everything that is art and design related. Here at ZP, there are great development opportunities and that is exactly what I am looking for – to be constantly evolving! Since day one, I have felt at home in the office, both in myself, but also among colleagues. The environment that is created among us makes one thrive and inspire each other, and that it lays a foundation for good work.


Pulvinar dapibus leo, par sele

Anna – PPM for Polestar & HR for ZP Engineering

Work in progress, coming soon!

ZP Engineering

An ordinary guy from Trollhättan who loves music, training and projects of all kinds!

Zoran – Founder and CEO for ZP Engineering AB

I am almost 50 years old and have worked as an engineer for about 30 years, passionate about technology, music and training. In my free time I also play guitar in a band for many years and enjoy renovating everything between heaven and earth.

What I love most is to see when my colleagues thrive and develop into talented engineers and people, really heavy challenges that we face daily here at the company, and my children of course 🙂

For me, this is not a job, it’s my lifestyle. That’s what lights up my day.


A deep connection with technology, cars, innovation and critical thinking.

Karthik – Lead Engineer for Volvo

While the cognitive side of my brain focuses on technology, my creative side is focused on music, exploring food and cultures, playing football, driving on winding mountain roads and reading books. Soon I also plan to become a garden connoisseur. My dream is to play in a band and perform in pubs or clubs at some point. I look forward to challenges.

In addition to this, I am also a big fan of evolutionary biology. The world is a small place with so much to explore and learn. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to explore the academic and professional side of Sweden through Linköping University and ZPE.