Hello September, you lovely springtime in reverse!

Welcome to a peaceful crackling time of the year with cozy rains and the crackling sound of leaves. This is the time when the nights start to become longer and the coffee even better.

What did the swedish detective ask the suspect?
”Where were you on the night between september and march?”


Summertime is over and the opportunities are falling in like the leaves!

Now when summertime is over we can expect alot of work opportunities to fall in through our doors!

Do you want to take the next step in your career within engineering?
Do you want to be a part of an amazing team?

Send us a spontaneous application or apply to our open positions through our webpage to begin your journey!


Remote/Off-site and a Hybrid work environment!

As you might have spotted on our social media pages and website, we are in need of passionate engineers. We strive to improve the society we live in and to take the next step towards a better future.

While the society is adapting and searching for an increased quality of life, so are we!

We have a vision of enabling passionate software engineers from around the world to be able to work from where you please, finding a work-life balance and optimizing delivery of the highest quality to our clients!


Branschvinnare 2022!

We are incredibly proud to receive such a fantastic award.

With the greatest humility we now look forward to new successes, this time with even more motivation!

With an increased revenue of 55% compared to the industries -9%, and an increased outcome of 120% compared to the industries -18% we couldn’t be more proud!

Skärmbild 2022-08-30 154716

Have you had time to check out our instagram yet!?

Elevating the show to another level!

We are fully determined to improve our marketing and recruitment, and the first step would be to expand towards new social media platforms.

We are looking forward to delivering quality content to our dear network, no matter what platform you choose!

Check us out! @zpengineeringab