Cost reduction, an area of ​​expertise where we strive to be at the forefront. As a business, ZPE has worked with cost reduction within the automotive industry for many years, this is where our expertise and niche lies. The area is very broad but is based on streamlining operations with unnecessarily high costs in mind.

Focus areas that the business works with are technical cost reduction and efficient sourcing of competence.

Technical cost reduction includes several different approaches, competencies and requirements depending on the project and product. Just like when developing a new product, you analyze material selection, design, manufacturing process to name a few. However, already defined / implemented solutions are analyzed here with the goal of optimization. Common to all projects is the so-called design paradox, more knowledge about the product also means less design freedom. This type of project thus requires a creativity and a drive that few can offer. Over the years, we at ZPE have built up a way of working that has proven to be effective and with the competence we have within the company, we work hard to become the obvious choice.

A natural part of cost reduction is also to find the right skills, through smart sourcing strategies. Here is an opportunity to both minimize lead times and costs for development projects. Today’s situation has shown that the global and connected world we live in does not require development teams and individuals to share the same physical workplace. Development teams can be based in different parts of Europe and with the help of today’s technology still work effectively towards the same overall goals and results.
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