Product development is one of, if not the broadest competencies available to an active engineer. Going from idea to finished product involves a variety of steps, not least due to today’s global trends such as electrification, sustainability and digitization.

At the company, we work actively to ensure that all employees stay up to date with new technology and new trends for each industry in which we work. Among other things, we spend time conducting our own benchmarking workshops to understand how our customers react to their competitors. All this to ensure that we have satisfied customers and deliver results with quality.

We have previously had consultants who worked in several different parts of the product development process, design & modeling, verification, industrialization to name a few. With today’s about 20 employees, we have a large mix of experience, interests and education. We also value that our employees learn from each other’s assignments in order to get a better overview of the product development process and also become better engineers and people.

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