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ZP Engineering and Polestar

We are at the forefront of the electrical revolution within the automotive industry, experts in our area, eager to develop a better tomorrow.

Driven by reality. Driven by results. Driven by a better tomorrow.

We have teamed up with Polestar to create more value, develop and improve the planet we live on. Anyone working within the Automotive industry knows that Polestar is the guiding star in terms of sustainability, putting everything in perspective, striving to change the industry. We only have one planet to live one, and our mission is to make living smarter, more valuable and open up for future opportunities.

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Discover a world full of life

We have always been close to nature. Respecting, nurturing and enjoying what this planet is providing us with. It is time to return the favour.

Why is Cost Reduction and Sustainability so important for our planet?

A clean environment is essential for healthy living. The environment is not only our home but also everything that keeps us alive. From food, water, air and shelter, it helps us to survive. Our interaction with the environment should be in a way that we use the resources that nature provides, but in a sustainable manner. Therefore we try to eliminate unnecessary costs and turn our eyes towards a future without more than we need or find necessary.

ZP Engineering

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Our latest star, Evin Haddad, is finally here with a brief interview. Want to read more about Evin and her dreams after graduation?

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